Medical practice administrators often say they aren’t using Twitter because they have no time or interest in tweeting.  But that misses the point. LaunchMD believes that by not tweeting you are overlooking some important business benefits of Twitter that go beyond simply tweeting.


When it comes to using Twitter for business, it isn’t just about tweeting.  Twitter has much to offer the non-tweeters among us — and that’s a lot of local businesses.

LaunchMD will build a great Twitter profile for your medical practice and include a link to your website.  Take advantage of free marketing, public relations and other business benefits you’ll get by tweeting.


Top 5 Twitter benefits for Medical Practices

  • Learn by following. One of the great unheralded benefits of using Twitter is the ability to check the pulse of what’s happening in your business, profession or industry by “following” a variety of businesses and experts on Twitter.  Following thought leaders in your industry, as well as specific groups, topics, brands and even your competitors can give you an edge and provide fresh ideas for marketing and growing your business.


  • Monitoring your business or brand. Even if you aren’t an active tweeter, you’ll still want to know if someone tweets something about you, your business or your products and services.  You can also track what’s being said about your competitors and to check news and trends in your industry.  And you’ll certainly want to know if a customer has expressed concern about your business via Twitter.
  • A Twitter profile gives your business visibility.  A brief business profile on Twitter will benefit your business regardless of your tweeting prowess.  By providing a valuable link to your website, you are able to communicate your services to a very broad audience.


  • Twitter offers a public relations bonus.  Reporters, bloggers and other media folks tend to be highly active on Twitter. Finding them and following what they are doing and saying is a great way to gather details that can help you pitch your own stories to them via other channels.


Find out how LaunchMD can help you promote your practice!  Call 971-407-3956 and let us show you how Twitter can be a part of your marketing arsenal.