As a medical practice Is it better to hire marketing employees or outsource to  a marketing firm? Most medical practices wrestle with this dilemma. The  reason is that there are pros and cons to each decision. Hiring in-house gives you more control and flexibility. Outsourcing can lower costs and effort with hiring, training and managing employees. Hiring employees can provide a higher level of quality and support. You want to promote your medical practice and increase your exposure and monthly appointments. How best to do that? We think we have found the answer.

At LaunchMD, we come up with a solution to this problem. We decided that we would become a hybrid of both approaches. We would perform the services of a medical marketing firm, while offering the flexibility and control you desire over your online presence. By allowing you to rent time from our experts, you can decide what you want them to focus on. If that level of engagement is too much for you, then we already have systems and processes in place to get your more exposure and more patients through your doors.

We use a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers your entire online presence from medical SEO to social media to medical website design. See a complete list of our medical marketing services.

The truth is it makes no sense to hire in-house marketing employee when you can get a team of experts that already know what they are doing at a lower cost and better results. LaunchMD is the only service of its kind. In the past, you could only hire in-house and deal with training and management of your employees or you could outsource your marketing to a marketing company that doesn’t understand your practice and only offers inflexible marketing plans. LaunchMD allows you to have the best of both worlds in a simple monthly plan. Our clients love the service and the results are evident in our monthly analytics reports.

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